Birthstone I cut for baby Roland.  He was born in December and Zircon is one of the December birthstones. ...
Blue topaz
Beautiful, clear, blue Topaz.
Tanzanite I cut summer 2017
Oregon Sunstone
Oregon Sunstone round I cut. Great color!
aquamarine checkerboard
Gem for my friend in Holland. Cut in my favorite checkerboard round design.
Just finished this 23ct amethyst for my daughters birthday present. I've decided to make it a tradition to cut each...
Cut this 3.85ct Bytownite as a faceting donation for charaty.
Beautiful blue sapphire
A gift for a dear friend and teacher.
Included Aquamarine would make a great wirewrap.
Oregon Sunstone
My 2013 christmas gift from my mom 1 of 2
Aquamarine 1.6ct. This stone is really bight and flawless.
Aquired this this rough in Tucson 2014.
Cut for my sil.
This rough was a gift from Jessica, so it was cut as a gift to her.
Cut for my friend Mark.  
pink garnet
I faceted this beautiful pink Rhodolite Garnet from Kenya and donated it to charity.  
aquamarine ring
I cut this aquamarine gem for my wife's engagement ring.  Custom designed around this stone.  Ring made by...
Oregon Sunstone
7.3ct Oregon Sunstone I cut and donated to charity.
USFG SSC 2013 Novice 3rd place stone
This is my entry in the 2013 United States Faceters Guild Single Stone Competition Novice Category.  It got a...
One of the early gems I cut.  This is Elliott's Pyrope Garnet.